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There is this phenomenon called a Naturally Occurring Retirement Community (NORC).  For the past 5 years, I’ve been living in one on the Upper West Side of Manhattan.  It turns out, many in my NORC are women of a certain age. One of my grocery stores offers “Senior Discounts” on Thursdays and there is no problem finding grab bars, walkers, canes or compression stockings.

“A naturally occurring retirement community (NORC; /nɔːrk/) is a term used to describe a community that has a large proportion of residents over 60 but was not specifically planned or designed to meet the needs of seniors living independently in their homes.”


I haven’t posted recently but I’m back.  It’s not that I’ve been away (although I did take a very ambitious trip for a few weeks which will be the subject of another blog entry).  Thankfully, I haven’t been distracted with illness. Primarily, I’ve wondered how to orient my blogs now that I feel less as if widowhood defined me.  I’d like to avoid using the “moving on” cliched expression.  Instead, I’ll say I’ve progressed from feeling like just half a person.  I do feel much stronger and like a whole person, a single woman on my own.

In a few weeks, I’m coming up to the 8th anniversary of my husband’s death.  That is an extraordinarily long separation after an incredibly happy and supportive marriage.  As we all know, grief has a way of coming at you when you least expect it.  I’ve no doubt that it will be another difficult anniversary.  But I think some of my newly acquired strength will be there to help me out.

To express this stronger single person I’ve become, I’ll be drawing in color!  I hope you’ll join me for explorations as a single woman with both wonderful memories of the past and resilience to deal with the present and future.  Stay tuned.