I am embarking on a new project, namely,  to write “Widowingon” as a graphic memoir.  If you are reading this blog entry, then you are among the first to know.  I welcome any comments!

The illustrations above are the likely frontispiece and also the first page.  Since all journeys usually start by opening the door and going out, my “widowingon” memoir will begin by my leaving the brownstone in Brooklyn where I lived for 3 decades.

The house was filled with memories of family dinners, birthday parties around the kitchen table, play dates when our children were growing up,  discussions about college applications and then acceptance celebrations, and the countless mundane daily activities that get patched together into a quilt of living in a fulfilling marriage and raising children.

Leaving the house in the early afternoon of January 11, 2012, after the movers had filled 2 trucks of household possessions for temporary storage in a warehouse in the South Bronx while my apartment on the Upper West Side was being renovated, was unspeakably difficult.

The memoir, like the blog, will attempt to document the adjustment process that I had as a widow.

I wanted to mention here an article written in the New York Times on January 20, 2015 entitled, “Writing Your Way to Happiness”. The gist of the article is that “writing..can really nudge people…into a more optimistic cycle that reinforces itself.”  I believe that to be true and I’m grateful to this blog for contributing to that evolution.

I’m hopeful that the planned “Widowingon” graphic memoir will be an additional source of happiness.  Let me know what you think.