I can only say that “widowingon” these past 4-1/2 years has become significantly easier with the birth of my two thoroughly delightful and wonderful grandchildren, who are now a little over 18 months old (grandson) and a little under 17 months old (granddaughter).

I have given myself the name, “Grammy”, after a coveted music award, although my grandson, in his first attempts to identify me during a recent game of hide and seek, altered it to an easier to pronounce toddler version:  “Gammy”.

I’ve even given my husband, whom they’ve obviously never known, the name, “Grampy”.  They can both easily identify him in family photos as Grampy, even when some of these photos were taken of him decades ago.

In the photo books that I made for each of them as birthday presents chronicling the events of their first year, I made sure to include Grampy’s photo, so that he is part of their earliest memories of family.

I can honestly say that these two little people are a source of immense joy, which has certainly helped me create a happier and more fulfilled life after my husband’s death.