Several months after my husband’s death, my son said he had a suggestion for me.  He recommended I get a gym membership.  He said I should also consider getting a trainer to help me figure out a good exercise program.  He said it would get me out of the house to be with other people and would certainly make me feel better physically.  I took his advice, joined a local gym and even hired a trainer for 6 months.  His advice could not have been better and I pass it along to anyone who is dealing with the loss of a loved one.

I’m not such a gym enthusiast that I go every day but i do try to go several times a week. It absolutely does make me feel better afterwards and, while I have little interaction with the other people there whenever I go, I’m always grateful for their company. 

One interesting consequence of my gym membership, and regular visits to the gym, is my ability to be able to lift my carry-on suitcase by myself into the overhead compartment on a plane and to be able to open more easily some heavy windows in my apartment.  There is a great virtue in being able to fend for yourself and while I’m not bench-pressing 200 pound weights, I can more easily handle some of the daily challenges of living independently.