I looked out a window in my apartment this evening and there was a little boat gliding along the Hudson River.  My first thought was the Alcott quote I painted in watercolor on the box shown in an earlier post.  The difference was that the sky tonight glowed in pastel pinks, soft orange and yellow. The Hudson River was smooth as glass and the western sky over New Jersey was a magnificent pastel palette,  the last glow of a beautiful sunset after a gorgeous summer day in New York.

This wasn’t the stormy sky I painted but it was the image of a lone boat in the middle of a big river.  I suppose that imagery resonated with me as well.  Even without the storms anticipated in the quote by Alcott,  there is the need in widowhood to be able to be steer your little boat alone, no matter if the water is calm or stormy.  It’s still a little boat and a big river and you’re on your own.