I created the little board game (above) after 2 recent trips this past year: a Road Scholar tour of Charlottesville, VA area and the homes of Jefferson, Madison and Monroe, along with the campus of the University of Virginia, and a Tauck trip to Italy to visit the Lake Como area, Venice, Florence and Rome.

Traveling alone, after 40 plus years of always having my husband as my travel companion, posed interesting problems, which the board game illustrates.

One of the first I encountered was the necessity to drag my suitcase into the ladies room with me since I couldn’t simply park it next to my husband while he waited at the gate reading the newspaper.  

Then there’s finding someone congenial to sit next to on the bus if you’re on a tour, realizing that there’s no one’s hand to hold when you walk around a new place, having to navigate on your own, not having someone with whom to split a pizza or high calorie dessert, eating alone and, of course, needing to take selfies, unless, of course, you’re on a tour and could ask one of the other tour guests to take the important picture of you in front of the Trevi Fountain to send home to your family.  Some of these travel challenges are made easier if you’re on a tour, but none totally disappear, since even on a tour, you’ll encounter days when you’re scheduled to be on your own.  And that doesn’t mean on your own with someone else.