Conservatory Garden cherry trees

A friend insisted I visit the Conservatory Garden yesterday on a simply beautiful Spring afternoon, when the cherry trees were in full bloom.  So we went.  I was just amazed.

I’d like to think that I know about places in New York -even if I’ve never visited them. But I didn’t know about this jewel of a public garden located in Central Park.  You get in from the Vanderbilt Gate, at 5th and 105th Street.  From the moment you enter, you’re lightyears away from the sounds and smells of New York City.  (In the interest of full disclosure, I should say that if you’re not distracted by the birds, you probably can still hear some faint sounds of construction going on across the street at El Museo del Barrio.)

As a public garden, which is free, it is beautifully maintained, with every hedge row perfectly clipped, and every flower bed diligently tended by crews from the Central Park Conservancy.

The cherry trees were obviously in bloom and we noticed a few lilac trees also about to bloom. Only one of the 3 fountains was turned on and many of the flowers had not yet bloomed.

There were some people there yesterday afternoon, but there were also many benches available to sit and listen to the birds, smell the blossoms or read a chapter or two.  There was a small group of young children sitting by one of the flower beds with drawing pads on their laps.

People enjoying the canopy of cherry trees.

It really is a lovely place to spend some time and forget about anything except how beautiful nature is.