The first new tiles to be laid down in the kitchen!

This may not look like much but this is the first section of the kitchen floor to have the new, gray, 12″ x 24″  tiles laid down.  It’s also the first new installation for the renovation that will be visible.  There have already been major amounts of bx electrical cable woven through the thick masonry walls to replace the somewhat questionable electrical wiring that was there. That new electrical work is probably the single biggest part of the entire renovation, but once the walls are plastered, it will disappear.  These nice gray tiles will remain.

We laid them out so that the long side of the rectangle would be at right angles to the walls.  The intention was to try to make the kitchen, which is relatively narrow, seem wider.  We’ll see if it works.

You’re looking at the door to the service entrance in what was the butler’s pantry–a narrow extension which was originally contrived to be the place one stored food, linens or china.  It was not the part of the kitchen where the actual food preparation was done.

My renovated kitchen will be true to that historical precedent. The butler’s pantry will remain where I’ll be storing dishes and food, once the new cabinets are installed the first week in May.

There’s something very quaint about even having a part of one’s apartment called “the butler’s pantry”, even though I, obviously, won’t have a butler.  It preserves a little of the formality of the past, which is nice.  At least I can imagine I’m in the set of ‘Downton Abbey’, as I grab a mug for a morning cup of coffee.