There is something quite wonderful about Spring on a beautiful day in New York. I decided to spend some time this afternoon at The Metropolitan Museum going to see “The Steins Collect: Matisse, Picasso, and the Parisian Avant-Garde”.

It was simply a beautiful day, crystal clear, cool, brilliantly sunny, with a turquoise sky.  I decided to walk to the museum from Midtown, and the last part of my walk was on Fifth Avenue, alongside Central Park, from 59th Street up to 81st.

Sidewalk on Fifth Avenue adjacent to Central Park

The show was superb, with a breathtaking collection of paintings by Picasso, Matisse, Cezanne and Renoir which had been astutely collected by the Steins when they lived in Paris and before these artists had been discovered.  My favorite piece was a small line drawing by Picasso of Leo Stein, which I wish I could have included here but photography wasn’t permitted.  It was just one thin line, but it brilliantly, and playfully, captured an animated facial expression, unruly hair and perfectly plausible anatomy.

On my way out, I also discovered a wall of watercolors by John Marin, an American artist who painted watercolors at the turn of the century and was apparently known for his abstract landscapes. There were several that I thought were remarkable.

John Marin, "Delaware County", 1912

I’m obviously taken with Spring, trees and the concept of renewal.  With so much changing for me, and becoming new, it’s nice that nature is part of that.

The trees have even been my inspiration for a collage, when the challenge this week was to create a collage using CD’s, as unnatural and man-made a product as you can find. But maybe it’s nice to be able to see nature in even the least natural objects.

Tree Collage with CD's, sandpaper, mylar,fabric, watercolors and ink