The original 2nd bedroom was divided by the previous owners into two smaller bedrooms, for their young children, each of which was the odd size of  8′ x 16′.  The long, thin rooms, cell-like if only in proportions, were helped by the fact that they each had a nice, large window overlooking the Hudson.

Second bedroom with dividing wall

Part of my plan was to take down that wall and reunite the two parts of that original one bedroom to be both a home office and a study/guest bedroom.  It was a spatially satisfying reunification of the original floor plan, and a clear advantage to having grown children.

Schematic plan for new office/study

Second bedroom wall demolished

It promises to be an extremely nice improvement in a room where I hope to be able to design and write with inspiration from the continuously changing views of the river as the seasons, weather and times of day change.  I haven’t yet seen it during a sunset, when I’m sure it’s just spectacular.