I set my alarm for 7:00 am, dressed, stripped the bed and collected the blankets and  bed linens to launder and then take with me to the temporary apartment.  Breakfast was a bowl of cereal from a Tupperware container I found (with all the dishes in the warehouse in the South Bronx, I was glad to have it) which I carefully balanced on my lap.  There was just one folding chair left to sit on.

That last morning was a blur of doing laundry, packing last-minute toiletries and groceries and watching as the bed was picked up to go to the dump.

I definitely had more things to bring with me than I ever anticipated.  It’s totally different from going on a vacation or business trip.  You can’t leave behind anything for when you come home. Since my temporary stay would be for several months, and a change in season from winter to spring, I also needed to be sure I had clothing that would work on possible 20 degree days with snow and 70 degree days with sun.

I walked the 4 blocks to the garage where I parked, dropped the lantern off en route at my neighbor’s, and left an automatic garage door opener I owned on a neighbor’s car windshield with a note saying I was moving and wouldn’t need it anymore.  Here, at least, was a place which I had no regrets leaving.  For $275 a month, I had to painstakingly maneuver my Subaru past another neighboring car which was an  enormous 1980 black Pontiac with license plates which read, “Dark Girl”. A skull and cross bones plaque hung from the rear view mirror.  My new temporary space in a garage in the East 30’s, with attended parking, would be $300 a month.  Good riddance, Dark Girl.

It took me about 40 minutes, and much lugging, carrying and pulling, to get everything into the car, which was, finally, packed to its welded seams.  This is when moving when you’re not old and infirm is advantageous, I thought.

Before I pulled away from the curb space I had adjacent to the house, I gave one final look at the 3 street trees I planted years ago, and the side elevation of the house with its graceful bay window. Best to drive and see clearly without tears, I thought.  I turned the key in the ignition.