I had planned with the mover to come the day before the actual move to pack furniture, breakables and everything else I didn’t pack.  However, when the truck and 5-man crew arrived at 9:30 am on brilliantly sunny packing day, the foreman suggested that they do both the pack AND the move that day and not run the risk of having to deal with a snow storm threatening to hit New York City on the following move day.  I had some added flexibility because, except for the things I was taking to the temporary apartment, my possessions were all going into a storage warehouse in the South Bronx into which I could move until 8:00 pm.

The plan made sense and, with my agreeing to it, the foreman called in another 5-man moving crew to help. By 10:30, there were 10 guys almost demonically packing, wrapping, hauling, throughout the 4-story house.  It was a cacophony of tape gun noise, mixed with wrapping paper and punctuated by the sound of their heavy footfalls on the stairs. By 1:30, the moving truck pulled away from the curb and was en route to the storage warehouse.

Packing the Lamps

The next stop:  a 10’x20′ storage room in the South Bronx.

Now Unrecognizable Possessions About to be Stored

Completing the Move into the Storage Room

I signed a lease for the room, padlocked it shut and returned back to the now practically empty house, where a bed and just a few other pieces of furniture and some boxes of books remained that my son or daughter wanted to keep.  Yes, it was extraordinarily hard  to see the empty rooms, and hear the echoes.

Empty Study

Empty Dining Room

Empty Bedroom

A neighbor invited me over for dinner, with another neighbor, but the house and I were to spend one last night together when I came home later.  The next day I would move to a temporary apartment in Manhattan.