I am a self-confessed writer of To-Do Lists.  Unfortunately, the lists I compiled for the first two weeks of December were stubbornly hard to cross off:

1. Find a temporary place to live during the renovation.

2. Find a mover.

3. Pack!

4. Decide about storage warehouse.

I got any number of recommendations for furnished apartments and looked at several more that were ridiculously expensive, or noisy, or gloomy.  I decided I wanted an apartment that wasn’t somebody’s sublet, that would have some regular housekeeping, and in a building in a residential neighborhood so there would be a supermarket nearby, with a doorman, a business center (in case I needed to send a fax), a laundry room, and a gym.  Also, and most importantly, it couldn’t be more than I wanted to spend.

My son sent me an email with a list of furnished rentals aimed primarily at business people and one, in particular, looked appealing.  It was in Midtown, in a mostly residential neighborhood.  I called, made an appointment to see it and, sure enough, it  completely satisfied my checklist–and then some.  What was pretty breath-taking  was the view from an apartment on a high floor that I was told I could rent starting in mid-January, a post-holiday-season-slow time in NYC.  (In real estate as in everything else in life, it’s all about the timing.) The fact that it also had a small washer-dryer in the 1 BR apartment was just wonderful.

View from Bedroom Window in Temporary Apartment

There was even a garage a half block away (a shorter distance than the 5 blocks I walked in Brooklyn) that would only charge me $25 more a month than I was paying.

I signed a lease for the apartment with the written understanding that I could cancel the entire agreement or, more importantly,  change my move-in date up to 5 days before the target date I gave them of January 13, 2012 to begin the lease.

Sometimes, all the stars just line up and I was finally able to tackle the next  thing on my list.  Finding a mover.