Room with a View

At a certain point last year I decided that living by myself in this 4-story house made no sense and that sooner or later, I would be better off living horizontally in an apartment.  The decision to leave Brooklyn was harder, because of friends and the vibrancy of the neighborhood. But during the past 2 years of widowhood, I had spent so much time in Manhattan going to classes, to museums and the theater, that it just seemed to make sense to be looking only at Manhattan apartment listings.

From the moment I saw this apartment on the Upper West Side, that I ultimately bought in early October,  I was hooked.

It had 6 rooms. It faced west over the Hudson River and Riverside Park, north towards the GW Bridge and east over rooftops. It had all the charm of a prewar building, with crown moldings, 9 foot ceilings, “wasted” hall space and generously proportioned rooms. The river views, from most of the rooms, were mesmerizing.

The River and the Sky on a Cloudy Afternoon

The apartment needed some renovation.  The 2nd bedroom was divided into 2 smaller bedrooms for the prior owner’s young children and the maid’s room was a third bedroom.  It  made sense to me to demolish the partition in the 2nd bedroom so that it would once again be one larger bedroom, and to eliminate part of the wall that divided the kitchen from the maid’s room in order to have a bigger kitchen with a table.  The current kitchen was more of a galley with a butler’s pantry with no room for a kitchen table.  In addition, all the electrical needed to be re-wired.

Kitchen As Is

Butler's Pantry

Dining Room and Foyer

I’m not sure how easy my move from Brooklyn would have been if I hadn’t this very nice apartment to be moving to.  There was only one problem.  I’d have to adjust to the fact that my husband wouldn’t be coming with me.