I am widowed for just over 2 years after an extraordinary marriage that lasted almost 41 years.  I’m embarking on some challenging transitions.

In October 2011, I purchased an apartment on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, near Columbia University, where my husband and I met.  In November,  I sold our 4-story Brooklyn brownstone that we owned for three decades but worked out an arrangement with the new owners to stay in the house for a few additional months to be able to sort through its 30 years of contents.  Movers came on January 12th and moved my possessions to a storage facility in the Bronx while a 3-month renovation on the new apartment begins.  I moved on January 13th, a month ago today, to a temporary apartment in Midtown to wait out the renovation, due to begin now.

To add to the huge seismic shifts in my life, before my husband died, I sold a company I started 25 years ago.  My daughter once told me that most people have only to cope with the enormity of their spouse’s death and can then, if they’re still working, return to the familiarity of their work.  I needed to re-invent myself on all fronts.

This blog will tell my journey to try to accomplish that.